Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research

Board of Directors Meeting

Sunday, June 9, 1985

Present: Fred Souba, Alden Mead, Bob Tholkes, Andy Lurth, Bob Evans, Stew Thornley

Alden Mead distributed financial report.  A profit of $76.83 was made from the May 4, 1985 meeting, and we now have a balance of $107.44.

Ken Ottoson dropped off a proposed copy of a letterhead for the Halsey Hall Chapter.

Letter from board member John DiMeglio was read.

Agreed term of directors would begin and end with the annual Spring/Summer meeting.  It was determined by lot to designate four of the board members to two-year terms and three to one-year terms.

Two-year terms
Fred Souba
John DiMeglio
Andy Lurth
Stew Thornley

One-year terms
Bob Evans
Alden Mead
Bob Tholkes

Election of officers
President – Stew Thornley
Vice President – Fred Souba
Secretary – Bob Tholkes
Treasurer – Alden Mead

Possible committees
Standing – Events, Membership (Lurth and Evans appointed to chair Events)
Ad-hoc – Convention to bring national convention to Minnesota (DiMeglio appointed as head of committee)

Fall meeting tentatively planned for early November

Dues for Halsey Hall Chapter will be $5 annually.  Member must belong to the national organization to belong to the Halsey Hall Chapter.