Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research

Board of Directors Meeting

October 6, 1985

Called to order by Stew Thornley
Minutes read by Bob Tholkes
Treasurer’s report – Balance $561.23; includes deposit of fees for 10-19 meeting and further membership dues.

Officer reports
Secretary – membership now 51

Newsletter – first newsletter cost $31.82.  Cost can be reduced for next time.  The question of the timing of issues – monthly or less often and was discussed and decision postponed pending determination of the extent of the newsletter’s success.

Bob Convention -  John DiMeglio reported by letter that Cliff Kachline was pessimistic about our chances for a convention.  He suggested that a director in the Cities approach the Twiins about cooperation:

  1. Free tickets
  2. Supportive letter from Pohlad
  3. Lining up speakers
  4. Metrodome tours

Bob Tholkes volunteered to set up a meeting with Tom Mee.

Events – Bob Evans outlined arrangements for the 10-19 regional.  Plans for publicity were made.  Speakers, venue, and a meal have been arranged.  Research presentations and a research quiz are presently planned for the meeting.  Halsey Hall Chapter business meeting and guest panel for the afternoon.

President – reported on effectors to obtain publicity.  Radio sports talk shows and participation in the proposed Minnesota Sports Hall of Fame were suggested.

Unfinished business – Charter membership to be cut off at October 19.

New business – Stew presented a set of by-laws.  These were approved pending formal adoption at the October 19 business meeting.

The next executive meeting was set for Sunday, December 15 at 6:00 p.m. at Bob Tholkes’s.