Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research

Board of Directors Meeting

February 2, 1986

Called to order


Treasurer’s report – Balance $169, not including loan base.  Bank account is presently using Bob Tholkes’s social security number for tax purposes.  Tax I. D. will be obtained by Stew Thornley.

Secretary – Reported new memberships – Gary Bergstrom, Lee Temanson.  Total membership 54.

Vice President (Stew Thornley) – Since Sports Collectors club is apparently out of the Minnesota Sports Hall of Fame formation, Stew will contact Jay Weiner about obtaining a voice on selection of members.

Convention – Letter of support from Twins is in hand.  Next step is to get item on the 1986 convention business meeting agenda.

New Business
Dues – Response to a questionnaire will be gauged and dues determined at the May meeting.  A board recommendation will be decided upon at the April board meeting.

Events – Alden Mead has made contact on sites.  Mailing will be sent in March, with newsletter.  John DiMeglio has begun approaches to prospective speaker/panel members.