Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research

Board of Directors Meeting

June 8, 1986

New two-year members: Alan Holst, Terry Bohn, Dave Moore
New one-year members: Ken Ottoson, Bob Tholkes
Holdovers: Stew Thornley, Andy Lurth

Treasurer’s report – Paid out since 5-10: $518.66, Received: $511.00.  One member has not yet paid for the 5-10 meeting.  Our tax-exempt status notification has been received and should be used for purchases.

Minutes read and approved as read.

Membership report – 56 at end of ’85-’86 season; 7 received for year beginning 7-1.

Stew Thornley will send out with June newsletter membership renewal form.

Stew also volunteered to organize the printing and distribution of a chapter membership directory for 1986-87.

Elections – nominations/elections of officers:
President – Bob Tholkes
Vice President – Dave Moore
Secretary and Treasurer – Andy Lurth

Events – Terry Bohn
Publicity –

Fall regional meeting: tentative date 10-25

Terry Bohn suggested that officers’ job descriptions be included in by-laws; also standing committee.

Ken Ottoson and Alan Holst were assigned to “brainstorm” publicity ideas for the coming year.

Dave Moore suggested an official commendation for Gary Clendennen for his excellent work as newsletter editor.

Alan Holst distributed suggestions for publicity and an opinion poll.

Next board meeting – Sunday, August 3.  WCCO 10:30.  Refreshments: Ken Ottoson.