Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research

Board of Directors Meeting
WCCO-TV, Minneapolis, Minnesota

August 3, 1986

President Bob Tholkes presiding

Gary Clendennen
Alan Holst
Andy Lurth
Dave Moore
Ken Ottoson
Bob Tholkes
Stew Thornley

New Business
Fall Regional – October 18, 1986 at Mangini’s in St. Paul.  Big screen TV available to watch opening game of 1986 World Series.

1988 National Convention – SABR national directors meeting September 20, 1986 to vote on our hosting.  Tholkes and Moore attended the 1986 national convention.  Moore made a presentation on our behalf.  Tom Mee, Twins public relations director and SABR member, has been established as a liaison with the Twins.  Various committees have been assigned.

Various Notes
Our current membership is 31; August 1986 newsletter last one to those unpaid.

A Halsey Hall membership directory is being developed by Thornley for September 1986 distribution – will feature a history of the chapter and membership interests.

Holst will circulate our newsletter in local bookstores and will also guest-edit the September newsletter.

Starting this December, national SABR dues will be invoiced.  Reasons?  Increased efficiency, a cutoff of April to receive that year’s publications.

New board of directors meeting will happen October 5, 1986.

Respectfully submitted,

Andy Lurth, Secretary-Treasurer