Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research

Board of Directors Meeting
R. Tholkes’s home, Columbia Heights, Minnesota

October 5, 1986

President Bob Tholkes presiding – brought to order 10:30 a.m.

Terry Bohn
Gary Clendennen
Alan Holst
Andy Lurth
Bob Tholkes
Stew Thornley

Minutes of August 3, 1986 directors meeting read and approved.

Treasurers report, showing balance of $56104, accepted without coment

Old Business

New Business
Minnesota baseball book is being developed by Gary Clendennen and Stew Thornley.  Will be published by A. G. Press, through SABR.

Alan Holst has recruited our first female members.

1986 Fall Regional – Terry Bohn
We have reserved a room downstairs at $50 cost with large screen TV for World Series Game 1.

15 people have reserved, featuring 8 presenters:

Celebrity panel to feature Herb Carneal (WCCO-AM) and possibly Bob Kurtz (KMSP-TV)

Cost: $9/50 per person, including noon meal and rent

Various Notes
Stew Thornley has produced Volume 1, Halsey Hall Chapter Director

Active membership is 41.

Tom Mee, Twins public relations, was approached about having a table at Twins games for SABR but declined

Gary Clendennen suggested tying SABR recruitment in with selling Twins tickets.

1988 National Convention Is Ours
Possibility of tying our convention in with Prudential Old-Timer’s Game

Also possibility to staging a recreated Millers/Saints game

Dave Moore willing to serve as M.C.

Possible speakers? Herb Carneal, Cal Griffith

Core committee established to make overall plans for next year: Gary Clendennen, Alan Holst, Bob Tholkes

Two important tasks which must be done soon:

Sponsor a tour of Metrodome

Offer a field trip to visit an amateur game outdoors


Gary Clendennen announced a special edition of the newsletter – should be available for fall regional, articles by Fred Souba and John DiMeglio, suggested each guest editor contribute money toward publishing that edition, also suggested possibility of starting an audio library.

New meeting of the board of directors – Sunday, December 7, 1986

Meeting adjourned 12:09 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Andy Lurth, Secretary-Treasurer

Minutes approved October 18, 1986