Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research

Chapter Meeting

October 18, 1986

President Tholkes presiding – brought to order 3:17 p.m.

27 people had signed in before the meeting, 3 after

Minutes of the October 5, 1986 directors meeting read and approved

Treasurers report read and accepted subject to audit

Terry Bohn officially thanked by President Tholkes for organizing today’s regional


Old Business
1988 National SABR Convention
Sign-up sheet for helpers passed around the group – 16 people signed up
Task committees established – facility, transportation, short-term management
President Tholkes thanked for work in obtaining this convention for us
Alden Mead on facilities – no one is currently in charge of scheduling at University of Minnesota right now; the lady in charge of dormitories is anxious to have us; we do have a tentative option.
President Tholkes reports the Twins will get a tentative 1988 schedule in the spring of 1987.  Alden Mead suggested having the American League jiggle now so we may have a tentative Twins home date.  John Gregory suggests sending our national SABR officers to the American League as lobbyists so we have a suitable Twins home date.

Terry Bohn moved to adjourn at 3:45 p.m.  This motion passed and meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Andy Lurth, Secretary-Treasurer

Minutes approved December 7, 1986