Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research

Board of Directors Meeting
Ken Ottoson home, Minneapolis

February 1, 1987

President Tholkes presiding – brought to order 9:40 a.m.

Present: Terry Bohn, Gary Clendennen, Alan Holst, Andy Lurth, Dave Moore, Ken Ottoson, Bob Tholkes, Stew Thornley

Guest: Bob Evans, director emeritus

Minutes of the December 7, 1986 chapter meeting read and approved as amended

Treasurers report, showing balance of $390.16, read and accepted subject to audit

Officer Reports
Secretary – Minnesota is 16th in the nation of 50 states in SABR membership; 49 are paid in the chapter.

Events – Spring regional confirmed at the Normandy for My 2.  Possible speakers discussed.  Holst suggests recruiting possible SABR members with this.  Twins and Yankees front office personnel suggest.  Suggested to rent a VCR and show Thornley’s baseball videos at 3:00 p.m.

Everybody to attend the Wheaties tournament April 4-5 87!

Publicity – STM [Save the Met] owes use a favor; therefore, we should have a table at their Hot Stove League banquet.

Thornley moved, Holst seconded to extend offer to all to write a “My Favorite Game” article and see it printed (with editing) in a book, paying $20 ($15 to purchase a book and $5 for production costs).  Motion withdrawn without action.

Newsletter sponsors confirmed:
February 87 – D. Moore
March 87 – S. Thornley
April 87 – G. Clendennnen
May 87 – A. Holst

A form advertising our spring regional shall appear in the February 87 newsletter, providing an April 15 deadline for presentations for outlines to be submitted.

A membership blitz will be offered at the STM banquet – 100 extra newsletters shall be printed for this.

Thornley suggested developing a more professional membership form with a list of benefits.  Ottoson volunteered to do this.

Holst reported on St. Paul cable.  They have very halfhazard scheduling.  We could develop a roundtable discussion with ½ hour per topic.  April should be our goal to put the first one together.  Once a program is taped, it could be circulated to other stations.  Suggested to bring in a special guest of note for our first show.

1988 convention – Tholkes will contact Lloyd Johnson re: monograph.  September 1987 is our target to have a date fixed.

Old Business

New Business
Lurth mentioned the upcoming elections for seats currently held by Lurth, Ottoson, Tholkes, and Thornley and stated the directors should begin recruiting and considering possible successors.

Clendennen complimented Tholkes for his article in the 1986 Baseball Research Journal.

It was suggested to develop a chapter baseball team with a roster and league fees of $10 per person to be submitted by April1.  A goal was set to have a team together by the end of February.

The next meeting was set for April 5, 1987 at 9:00 a.m. at the Ken Ottoson home – 4300 West River Parkway, Minneapolis.

Meeting adjourned 11:11 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Andy Lurth, Secretary-Treasurer

Minutes approved April 5, 1987