Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research

Board of Directors Meeting

February 4, 1990

Present – Rich Arpi, Bob Evans, Joe O’Connell, George Rekela, Alden Mead, Jim Wyman

Talk of upcoming Hot Stove meeting at Becketwood, Saturday, February 10

Day set for spring regional, Saturday 12 May with Twins game with Brewers to follow.  O’Connell to contact Tony Oliva about being a guest speaker.

Arpi proposed chapter sponsor a cash research award aimed at encouraging original research in baseball history.  This “Green Onions and Cigar Award” could be a cash award of $100 or more, which would be used to defray the costs of research and publication of a book, newspaper article, magazine article (in SABR journals or elsewhere), oral history project, or research presentation at a regional meeting with a written paper available to those requesting it.  A winner would not be eligible the next year and, also, ineligible until publication or presentation requirements had been fulfilled.  Winner would be decided by board of directors or a special committee.  Most thought it was a good idea, but Mead said membership should vote on proposal at spring meeting (or some other regional) since it is the members money which would be distributed.

Next meeting at Joe O’Connell’s April 8

Copied by R. Arpi from rough notes and memory October 9, 1990