Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research

Chapter Meeting
May 12, 1990 Becketwood

Arpi gave secretary-treasurer’s report – 70 members currently – $898.98 in treasury (Becketwood – Spring regional hasn’t been paid at this time)

Election of 3 new directors (3 in even years, 4 in odd years) to replace Bob Evans, Len Fuqua, Paul Rittenhouse

Stew Thornley 19
Joe O’Connell 18
Howard Luloff 18
Jim Rogde 17

Thornley resigned and motion to have Rogde replace him was passed

Letter received from Steve Nadel from New York City concerning regionals’ relationship with the national SABR board was discussed.

Since the chapter was not unanimous in its support of Nadel, motion was passed to ignore the letter.  Chapter members, as individuals, could respond any way they saw fit, however.

Research award proposal was presented by Rich Arpi.  Most were agreeable.  Motion was passed for board to set up committee to set up guidelines for award and report to membership via newsletter.  Rogde raised point whether award would be for past-research or pending research.  These issues would be taken up by committee.

Stew Thornley gave cable TV show presentation in place of David Jones.  Committee chaired by Phyllis Thornley created to look into cost of producing program ourselves vs. Jones’s $200 show cost.

Literature about Save Tiger Stadium Fan Club was available to members.

Copied October 9, 1990 from notes taken by R. Arpi at meeting.