Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research

Board of Directors Meeting

June 3, 1990

Present: Rich Arpi, Joe O’Connell, George Rekela, David Robinson, Rosemary Palmer, Jim Wyman, Jim Rogde, Howard Luloff

Rosemary Palmer, president
George Rekela, vice president
Rich Arpi, secretary-treasurer

By-laws, Jim Wyman
Events, Stew Thornley
Membership/publicity, Joe O’Connell
Research awards, Rich Arpi
Oral history, George Rekela
Cable TV program, Phyllis Thornley

Solicitation of members for committees was to be announced in the newsletter.

Rekela said he would be handle videotape interviews at Old-Timers Game on August 18 as in 1989.

Next meeting August 5 at George Rekela’s


Copied October 9, 1990 from notes taken at meeting by R. Arpi