Halsey Hall Chapter of SABR
Board of Directors Meeting, December 4, 2004
At Bakers Square, 66th and Xerxes, Richfield

Present: Howard Luloff, Gregg Omoth, Stew Thornley, Dean Thilgen, Tom Swift, Kyle Eliason, Bob Tholkes, Rich Arpi, Chuck Blomquist

The minutes of the October 23, Chapter Meeting were approved with clarification that the By-laws amendment regarding approval of appropriations by the Board recommended but did not officially approve a limit of $100 as the cut-off, above which Board approval would be required.

Consent Agenda

Consent Reports

The following reports were filed prior to the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report
Rich Arpi, Treasurer

Currently: $ 620.09 in treasury.

Financial report for October 23 chapter meeting:

24 people @ $10                                           $240.00

Rental of church hall                                    $200.00
Food and miscellancous                                 166.47
Total expenses                                                      366.47

Net loss                                                             ($126.47)

The food and miscellaneous consisted $70.23 to Subway and of reimbursements of $24.83 to Tom Swift, $33.95 to Stew Thornley, $6.70 to Howard Luloff, and $30.76 to Rex Hamann.  It does not reflect unreimbursed expenses of $20.40 for donuts donated by Bob Tholkes nor $7.30 for name tags donated by Rich Arpi.
In addition, there were sales of donated items from Joe O’Connell (2 videos at $5 each) and from Rich Cohen (2 t-shirts at $5 each) as well as a $20 donation from Stew Thornley.

Note: 25 are on the paper mailing list for the newsletter (which includes 3 complimentary issues, to John Zajc, Minnesota Historical Society, and Dean Thilgen).


Convention Proposal
In response to our proposal to host the SABR convention in 2007 or 2008, submitted on August 14, 2004, the National Convention Committee provided us with a bid template.  This was completed and submitted on November 16.


Events Committee
Howard Luloff, Chair
I got an e-mail from Bob Tholkes regarding the Cream Citys vintage team coming to the Twin Cities to face the Quicksteps after the Chapter Meeting on May 21 and we should extend an invitatiion to the team members as well as the Keltner Chapter since the Twins are playing the Brewers that night.  Bob mentioned about the possibility of a research
presentation by members of the Cream Citys so I'm holding a spot open for them. 

Also, it's official.  The Hot Stove Meeting is a firm go for January 22 at Kevin Hennessy's place.  608 Grand Ave., St. Paul. 

Book Club
Tom Swift, Chair
The Halsey Hall Chapter Book Club met Saturday, Oct. 9, to discuss The Numbers
Game by Alan Schwarz.  Present at the meeting were Rich Arpi, Art Mugalian, Stew Thornley, Bob Tholkes, Jim Wyman, and Tom Swift.

The chapter book club’s next meeting will be at 9:30 a.m., Saturday, Dec. 11, at the Barnes & Noble Galleria coffee shop in Edina. The book to be read is Nine Innings by Dan Okrent.

Book Club moderator Tom Swift has had contact with Mr. Okrent, who has agreed to
field e-mail questions about his book.  Queries for Mr. Okrent should be sent to
tomswift@nickelcurves.com or posted to the chapter e-list.

Information: www.halseyhall.org/bookclub.html


Bob Tholkes, Chair
2005 scheduling continues.  Four events (Mantorville, Stillwater, Fridley, Prinsburg) were announced in October.  May 21 against the Cream Citys of Milwaukee has since been added.  I request that the board discuss coordination with the chapter regional (to be held on the same day) at its December 4 meeting, including a possible invitation for the Cream Citys to attend the regional.  The vintage event will be timed to follow the meeting and conclude in time for adjournment to the Twins-Brewers game that night.  The vintage event will need to end in time for the Cream Citys and Quicksteps to stage a vintage demonstration on the Metrodome field before the Twins game.  The Twins have allowed 15 minutes for the demonstration, which (hopefully) will be like the 1999 SABR convention demo at Candlestick Park.

Dates with the Northfield Silver Stars and the Rochester (MI) Grangers are in the works.  The plan is to contact local sponsors of the recent past (Dakota Village, Murphy’s Landing, Sleepy Eye, Eden Prairie, Brooklyn Park) in December to fill out the schedule.


Consent Discussion Items

Events Committee

 Kudos were given to Howard Luloff for a job well-done on the October 23 Chapter Meeting.

Suggestions were made for improving the timing of presentations by making it easier for speakers to be aware of where they are with regard to their time limit.

There were suggestions for modifying the trivia contest to improve participation and for improving the timing of publicity for the Chapter Meetings.

There was extensive discussion of finances regarding Chapter Meetings, i.e., covering the costs for the site and refreshments such that the meeting is self-sustaining financially.

It was decided that the Community United Methodist Church, Columbia Heights, would be the site for the May 21, Spring Chapter Meeting at a cost of $150 excluding use of the kitchen. The attendance fee will be $15 ($7 without refreshments) and it is strongly urged that potential attendees RSVP to Howard by May 14 so he will have some idea of how much to budget for refreshments.

Possible Chapter outings to Kansas City and elsewhere were discussed.

New Business

Rex Hamann’s resignation from the Board was accepted. Tom Swift moved and Rich Arpi seconded Kyle Eliason’s appointment to the Board to serve the remainder of Rex’s term. The motion was approved.

It was moved (Swift) and seconded (Omoth) that the Nominations Committee adopt a procedure that allows those not attending the Chapter meeting to place themselves in nomination for various positions and to vote in absentia in elections.

The Board voiced appreciation to Rich Arpi and Bob Tholkes for their excellent work on the Newsletter and the Holy Cow Extra. Well done!
Stew Thornley was appointed to a one-year term as Editor of the Newsletter after a motion by Chuck Blomquist, seconded by Rich Arpi. It was decided that we would have both email and paper copies of the monthly Newsletter for the next six months, after which time a decision would be made not only with regard to continuing paper copies but also whether we need a Newsletter at all. These decisions will be made by the Board after input from the whole membership is received.

The Board amended the duties of Secretary to include getting a mailing out twice a year announcing Chapter Meetings.

Rich Arpi announced Twins Fest will run January 28-30 and volunteers are needed to man the table.

The next Board Meeting will be February 5, at 8:30 a.m. at Chuck Blomquist’s home.