Halsey Hall Chapter of SABR
Board of Directors Meeting, February 5, 2005
At the home of Chuck Blomquist

Present: Stew Thornley, Fred Buckland, Carrie Smith, Rich Arpi, Gregg Omoth, Howard Luloff, Chuck Blomquist

The minutes of the December 4, Chapter Meeting were approved.

Consent Agenda

Consent Reports

The following reports were filed prior to the meeting.


Book Club
Submitted by Tom Swift

The Halsey Hall Chapter Book Club met on Saturday, December 11, to discuss Nine
Innings by Dan Okrent.  Present were Rich Arpi, Art Mugalian, Stew Thornley, Bob Tholkes, Jim Wyman, Greg Omoth, Tom Dolen, Kyle Eliason, and Tom Swift.

The chapter book club’s next meeting will be at 9:30 a.m., Saturday, February 12, at
the Barnes & Noble Galleria coffee shop in Edina, located one block south of Southdale shopping center.  For directions, call 952-920-0633.  The book to be read is Brushbacks and Knockdowns: The Greatest Baseball Debates of Two Centuries by Allen Barra.


Submitted by Stew Thornley

The membership report we receive from SABR indicates a number of new SABR members in our region since last August: Dan Forstner, James Hamilton, Todd Peterson, Rob Muellerleile, Robert Strauss, Kevin Pittelko, Tim Peterson, Quentin Wittrock, and David Fairbairn.  I sent a message to them and asked for information so that we could introduce them in the newsletter.


Submitted by Stew Thornley

With the consent of the board of directors, I would like to see a couple of modifications in the newsletter starting with the July issue.

One would be to have the newsletter produced only in an HTML format.

The other would be to have the newsletter editor relieved of any responsibilities related to the distribution of printed copies of the newsletter.  The newsletter can still be printed out and mailed to those who have paid an annual subscription fee, but I would like to see this responsibility become a function of the board of directors.  It might fit best with the treasurer, since that is the person who would be collecting the subscription fees.  The treasurer could be responsible for printing out a copy of the newsletter each month and mailing it to subscribers, or this duty could be delegated to a volunteer.  We now have a volunteer, Brian Mohr, who is willing to perform this task starting in July.

The board may want to consider raising the annual subscription fee, which is now $12.  In an HTML format, the newsletter may be from 5 to 10 pages, which will increase the copying costs as well as the postage.  Right now the postage for up to 10 pages will be 60 cents.  That is right on the border.  One more page could make it 83 cents.  Also, postal prices will go up in 2006.

Events Committee
Submitted by Howard Luloff

I contacted the Milwaukee Brewers about the possibility of booking Bob Uecker for our guest speaker on May 21 and I found out that the Hall of Fame broadcaster doesn’t do speaking engagements on the road.  So that leaves our guest spot wide open. 

As far as research presentations go, there may be a couple of open spots since the Cream Citys have a tentative slot and if Phil Lowry is still willing to give his presentation, he’s guaranteed a slot.


Submitted by Rich Arpi

$548.77  in treasury . . . all current bills paid . . . and none expected until spring meeting . . . (except reimburse Kevin for hosting the hot stove meeting).


Consent Discussion Items

Events Committee

The Community United Methodist Church has been rented for the May 21st for the Spring Chapter Meeting.

The program is being put together. A tribute to long-time member Ron Replogle will be included. A web site demonstration will be included if time permits. Registration will begin at 8:30 a.m. ($7.00, Meeting only; $15, Meeting, refreshments and lunch) and the Meeting at 9:00 a.m.

The end of the Meeting was tentatively set at 3:00 p.m. so as to leave time for a Quicksteps game in the late afternoon and a demonstration before the Twins game.

A flyer giving the details regarding ordering Twins tickets ($17.00) through Howard Luloff as well as an RSVP regarding the Spring Chapter Meeting will be completed by April 30. Fees for Twins Tickets and Meeting registration options, as well as the phone number for the church, will be included.

The Chapter secretary will be responsible for getting the flyer in the mail.


The Newsletter will be in the html format.

A fee of $15 was set for a subscription to the hard copy of the Newsletter.

The Chapter treasurer will be responsible for mailing and the collection of fees.

New Business

Twins Fest

Rich Arpi indicated he’d like to be relieved of his duties as principal organizer of the Chapter booth at Twins Fest. A committee was appointed to undertake revising the brochure about SABR and the Halsey Hall Chapter given out at Twins Fest and to oversee updating of the display. Carrie Smith and Rich Arpi will act as coordinators with Chuck Blomquist, Howard Luloff and Stew Thornley (ex officio) also on the committee.

Nominations Committee

There was some discussion about Chapter elections, the form of the ballots and how the participation of the membership can be maximized. This will be discussed at the Spring Chapter Meeting on May 21st.

Web Site

A motion was made (Blomquist) and seconded (Smith) to accept the Procedures for the Chapter Webmaster submitted by Dean Thilgen. The motion passed unanimously.

Future Meetings
The next Chapter Board Meetings will be: Sunday, April 3, at Stew Thornley’s at 5:00 p.m.; Sunday, June 5, at Carrie Smith’s at 6:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned.