Halsey Hall Chapter of SABR
Board of Directors Meeting, April 3, 2005
At the home of Stew Thornley

Present: Gregg Omoth, Bob Tholkes, Dean Thilgen, Kyle Eliason, Tom Swift, Howard Luloff, Rich Arpi, Stew Thornley, Chuck Blomquist

The minutes of the February 5, 2005, Board Meeting were approved.

Consent Agenda

Consent Reports

The following reports were filed prior to the meeting.


Book Club
Submitted by Tom Swift

The Halsey Hall Chapter Book Club met on Saturday, Feb. 12, to discuss
Brushbacks and Knockdowns by Allen Barra. Present were Art Mugalian, Stew
Thornley, Bob Tholkes, Jim Wyman, Greg Omoth, Tom Dolen, Dan Levitt and Tom

The book club usually meets the second Saturday of even-numbered months.
However, the next meeting will be April 16, the third Saturday of that month,
to allow members to attend the memorial service for Ron Replogle that day. The
club will meet at 9:30 a.m. at the Edina Barnes & Noble. The book to be
discussed is Rogers Hornsby by Charles Alexander.


Submitted by Bob Tholkes

The Quicksteps’ schedule has been completed.  It opens on May 21 and ends September 18.  It will be posted on the chapter website.  There are five events in the metro area (Columbia Heights, Richfield, Stillwater, Fridley, Brooklyn Park) and five out of town (Fort Ridgely, Northfield, Prinsburg, Sleepy Eye, and Mantorville).

The Quicksteps for the first time have purchased liability insurance.  In the last few years inexpensive policies have become available through a couple of sources.  The amount is $100,000 per incident and covers all participants and spectators.

The Quicksteps roster numbers 26 participants, including 16 SABR members.


Submitted by Stew Thornley

The latest membership report from SABR indicated several new members in our region: Dan Hardy, Jim Fraasch, Tom Hedberg, and Jodi Elowitz.  I received profiles from Dan and Jodi, so they are being introduced with the others mentioned.  Another new member, Robert Strauss, is also noted in the newsletter.

Submitted by Stew Thornley

It appears that all issues regarding the newsletter have been settled regarding how it will be produced and distributed starting in July.  In the May and June issues, I will have a notice of the need to renew the subscription fee for those who want to receive a hard copy in the mail.

Events Committee
Submitted by Howard Luloff

I e-mailed Phil Lowry about giving a presentation and he said yes.  His presentation is on Marathon Games in Minnesota and the Dakotas. 

Second, I contacted Leonard Peace of the Brewers regarding Butch Wynegar and I left a message on his voicemail.  Hopefully he’ll get back to me before April 3.  No word on Daron Sutton from Rick Schabowski but I did read the article on Tom Drees and exerting my authority as events coordinator, I say that we should book him as a guest.  He would be a perfect choice since he’s from Minnesota and his three no-hitter feat is something that possibly won’t be duplicated for many years.  If he agrees to join us on May 21, I’ll call back the Brewers and let Leonard know that we already have someone booked. 

Submitted by Rich Arpi

The Halsey Hall Chapter has $ 538.71 in its bank account as of this date.


Consent Discussion Items

Events Committee

To date, presentations by Lee Temanson, Rex Hamann and Phil Lowry have been confirmed for the Chapter Meeting on May 21. The meeting will adjourn at 2:15 pm. Darron Sutton will be the guest speaker. There was extensive discussion regarding food for the meeting and other details regarding final purchase of group tickets for the Twins game on May 21.

Howard Luloff will continue to work out details in time for the next Newsletter.

A flyer announcing the Chapter Meeting on May 21 was reviewed and put in the mail.


New Business


Tom Swift moved and Kyle Eliason seconded a motion to approve the procedures for newsletter editor, the revised procedures for the treasurer and the newly developed procedures for the vice-president.

Nominations Committee

Anyone interested in serving on the Board or who has a nomination to make should contact Fred Buckland by May 14.

On Deck Circle Tapes

The disposition of these tapes was discussed. Dean Thilgen will evaluate the feasibility of digitizing some to them

Future Meetings

The next board meeting will be at 6:00 pm, Sunday, June 5, at Cary Smith’s home.

Meeting Adjourned.