Halsey Hall Chapter board meeting
June 6, 2010

                                 At the home of Bob Tholkes
Minutes(subject to approval)

Meeting called to order at 6:38 p.m. by president Kevin Hennessy

Present: Hennessy, Scot Johnson, George Rekela, Stew Thornley, Cary Smith, Gary Hackenmueller, Howard Luloff, Bob Tholkes and Art Mugalian
Absent: Jerry Janzen, Fred Buckland

There was no treasurer's report.

Howard (Events) reported that there are no weekend Twins games available for group sales, only some weekdays late in the season. Also there is a possibility the Halsey Hall chapter may team up with Wisconsin and Iowa chapters for an event in LaCrosse on June 26

Stew (Newsletter) reported that the newsletter will come out sometime after the board meeting

Kevin reported that John Gregory (Webmaster) sent an e-mail report

Bob (Quicksteps) reported the season has begun with a win and a loss. Three games are on the schedule for June

There was nothing to report on Membership

Stew (Research) announced the next meeting, July 25.  Cary reported that Dan Levitt has a list of topics for the possible convention book. The project is ongoing.

Art (Book Club) reported the next meeting is Aug. 14

There was a call for Old Business. There was none

  New Business

New board members present: Cary Smith, Bob Tholkes. Outgoing board members: Gary Hackenmueller, Art Mugalian

Kevin conducted nominations and voice votes for officers for the 2010-11 term.

Kevin Hennessy was re-elected  president. George Rekela was re-elected vice president. Jerry Janzen was re-elected treasurer. Bob Tholkes was elected secretary. All stood unopposed.

The next board meeting was fixed for Sunday, Aug. 15, p.m. at the home of Cary Smith

Vice president Rekela appointed Stew Thornley Research Committee Chair, re-appointed Howard Luloff Events Chair, and deferred an appointment for Membership Committee Chair. A short discussion ensued on the necessity of a membership committee

Howard  set Saturday, Oct. 16, as the date for the fall chapter meeting, with the site the Grace Lutheran Church in Minneapolis

The meeting was adjourned at 7:32 p.m.