Minutes for Halsey Hall Chapter Meeting
October 6, 2012
Faith Mennonite Church, Minneapolis

The meeting called to order by President Art Mugalian at 12:38 p.m.

  1. The minutes from the spring meeting were read and accepted.
  2. Treasurer Jerry Janzen reported that the treasury had a balance of $710.00.
  3. Events chairman Howard Luloff started off by thanking Jerry Janzen for arranging the use of the church.  He then thanked those attending a chapter meeting for the first time.  Howard said that next on his agenda would be the Winter get-together and the 2013 Spring meeting.  There were suggestions from the floor to see the new Jackie Robinson movie 42 as part of the Spring meeting.  Another suggestion was a viewing of the independent film Ballplayer Pelotero featuring Twins’ prospect Miguel Sano,
  4. Newsletter editor Stew Thornley reported that the next newsletter would be coming out after the board meeting scheduled for October 7th.
  5. John Gregory, Webmaster, was not present.  There was no report.
  6. Membership chairman Thornley reported that SABR National was improving the new member issue but that the process still needed work.  He also reported that he had a PDF of the SABR 42 survey resultes.  Anyone wishing a copy could request one from him.
  7. Rich Arpi spoke as head of the research committee.  He questioned whether the committee should continue to meet.  It was suggested that the committee add some new members and continue to meet as needed.  Stew suggested Sara as a new team member.
  8. Art Mugalian reported on the book club’s next meeting (October 13) to discuss Howard Bryant’s "The Last Hero: A Life of Henry Aaron".


There was no old business.
Under New Business
There was a suggestion from Sara that the chapter investigate participation in the 2014 All Star game to be held at Target Field.  We could possibly have a booth at the Fan Fest similar to the chapter participation at Twins Fest.
Scott recommended a blog twinsdaily.com as a good resource for sports news.


Meeting was adjourned at 1:05.