Minutes for Halsey Hall Chapter Meeting
October 7, 2012
Home of Art Mugalian

The meeting called to order by President Art Mugalian at 3:15 p.m.
Attending were board members Howard Luloff, Art Mugalian, Brenda Himrich, Jerry Janzen, Fred Buckland, Dave Jensen and Gary DeSmith. Also attending was Membership chairman and newsletter editor Stew Thornley.

  1. The minutes from the August 2012 board meeting could not be located.  A motion was made to suspend the approval of the minutes until the December meeting.  The motion was seconded and approved.
  2. Treasurer Jerry Janzen reported that the treasury had a balance of $719.64.  The treasury balance shows a $0.94 loss from the fall regional.
  3. Events chairman Howard Luloff reported that 24 members attended the fall regional.  It was brought up that we did not have the chapter camera at the event. There was discussion that the Event chair would insure that the camera was at an event and that there was somebody there that knew how it worked.  Stew Thornley suggested that changes might need to be made to the Event Committee Procedures.  Stew said he would investigate and provide recommendations at the next board meeting. 

There was also discussion about the winter Hot Stove meeting.  SABR day falls on January 26th, 2013, which again will be Twins Fest weekend.  The group decided that February 2nd, 2013 would be the desired date.  Howard will first thank Kevin for his hospitality over the last few years.  It was suggested that we think outside the box in an effort to get more participation.  Howard will look into other venues as well as other times for the meeting.  Suggestions for the event included a trivia quiz and screening the movie Ballplayer Pelotero.
The date for the spring regional will be April 20th, 2013.  Possible events could include going to see the Jackie Robinson 42

  1. Newsletter editor Stew Thornley reported that the next newsletter would be coming out later in the evening.
  2. Stew reported that he was working with John Gregory on a process to get the board meeting minutes on the chapter website.
  3. Membership chairman Thornley reported that he was working on getting new members profiled in the newsletter.
  4. Stew suggested Sara Johnson as a new team member for the research committee.
  5. Art Mugalian reported on the book club's next meeting (October 13) to discuss Howard Bryant’s "The Last Hero: A Life of Henry Aaron".  Art reported that he would not be at the meeting.

There was no old business.
New Business
The next board meeting will be at Brenda’s house on December 2nd, 2012 at 3:00p.m. 

Meeting was adjourned at 4:17.