SABR August Board Meeting Minutes
August 16, 2015
Attendees:  Steve, Lloyd, Tom, Howard, Jerry, Stew, Frank
Absent:  Doug, Gene Gomes

  1. Meeting convened at 7:06PM
  2. Minutes from previous meeting presented and approved
  3. Treasury Report
    1. 716.48 in account
    2. Annual web costs coming soon – approximately 200.00
    3. Expenses that will be reimbursed by chapter are envelopes and stamps
    4. In previous meeting spent more on pizza than was taken in.  However, not by a lot so it was decided to keep the cost of the meeting flat
  4. Web
    1. John Gregory is web master and we need to make sure on e-mails
    2. Video equipment will be checked out to see if we can upload items to the web
  5. Events
    1. Meeting on October 24th, 2015
    2. November 14th, 2015 – Burleigh Grimes Museum
    3. Mike Berardino is first choice for key note, Dan Gladden will be asked if Mike is unable to attend
    4. Howard will MC, Jerry will do name tags
    5. Lee Teamonson will bring beverages
    6. Other discussions
      1. John Rosengren can give a presentation on fight in ‘65
      2. Emma Charlesworth-Seiler has done a paper that could be presented
    7. Book club and breakfast is usual schedule
      1. Breakfast will be held at new venue
  6. Membership –
    1. David Kerpinski is a new member
    2. Kyle the OBGYN is not a member but is thinking about it and likes to score with Stew at Twins games
    3. Kevin Hennesy came up but probably will not be a member
  7. Research Committee
    1. Meeting on 8/17/2015
    2. They continue work on first base ball games throughout Minnesota
  8. Old Business or known as Darrel
    1. Sister does not wear a bra
  9. Auction
    1. It would be fun to do the auction once per year
  10. Next Meeting
    1. October 4th, 2015
    2. Tom has graciously volunteered to host
    3. 1515 Madison St NE
  11. Meeting Adjourned at 8:16PM