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The Newsletter of the Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research (SABR)

April 2005

Daron Sutton to Speak at May 21 Chapter Meeting
New Members: Dan Hardy, Jodi Elowitz, and Bob Strauss
Celebration of Ron Replogle’s Life
Cow Chips
Chapter Bylines
April Birthdays
Board of Directors


Daron Sutton to Speak at May 21 Chapter Meeting
Milwaukee Brewers announcer Daron Sutton will be the featured guest at the Halsey Hall Spring Chapter Meeting on Saturday, May 21 at United Methodist Church in Columbia Heights. The Keltner-Badger State Chapter will also be attending the meeting, which starts at 9:00 a.m. (registration at 8:30).

Members interested in doing a half-hour research presentation (which will include 10 minutes for questions) may contact Events Committee Chair Howard Luloff (952-922-5036, hfan77@webtv.net).

Howard will be purchasing a block of tickets for the Twins-Brewers game that night, which will feature a pre-game vintage match between the Quicksteps and Cream Citys of Milwaukee. Those wanting a ticket to the game may send a check for $17, made out to Halsey Hall SABR, to Howard at Howard Luloff, 2509 Princeton Court, St. Louis Park, Minnesota 55416-1982 by April 30.

The registration fee of $15 includes the meeting, lunch, and morning refreshments; the fee is $7 for the meeting only. Those wanting to eat will have to contact Howard by May 14.

New Members: Dan Hardy, Jodi Elowitz, and Bob Strauss
Dan Hardy is a lawyer who has taken a two-year sabbatical to write a biography of Cushman A. Rice, whom George Stallings credited for the success of the Miracle Braves in 1914. The story—which Dan claims is likely the product of Rice’s press agent, Walter J. Kingsley—is that Rice gave Stallings a magic Cuban penny early in the season. Rice was also a friend of the press-box crew at the Polo Grounds in the early 1910s as well as a friend of John McGraw and Charles Stoneham and a contributor to a fund for Christy Mathewson.

Dan’s interest in Rice goes beyond the baseball connections. Rice, who died in 1932, is from Willmar, Minnesota, and Rice Memorial Hospital in Willmar was built in 1937 from a bequest he left. Dan says that Rice was “a colorful soldier of fortune, Cuban plantation and ranch owner, and Spanish-American War soldier” as well as the “forgotten romantic farm type of Minnesota who F. Scott Fitzgerald said was the spark for Jay Gatsby.”

One of the reasons Dan joined SABR was to take advantage of Proquest (which provides access to digitized newspapers) for his research on Rice. Proquest, Dan says, “has been a goldmine.”

Originally from Redwood Falls, Dan has lived in St. Paul since 1970. He has a wife, Mary, children Simon (25) and Ellie (17), and two cats who hate each other.

Dan shares his May 27 birthday with fellow chapter member Paul Swanson as well as Jeff Bagwell, Todd Hundley, Frank Thomas, Jerry Kindall, Fred Bruckbauer, Jim Holt, Pinky Higgins, Hubert Humphrey, and Hammerin’ Hank Kissinger.

As the director of education for a program that helps schools implement diversity-based lessons into their curriculum, Jodi Elowitz designed a program using baseball to teach American history.

A Mets fan (who also roots for the Twins, Tigers, and Cubs), Jodi is from New Jersey and other places in the United States. Her mom, dad, and sister live in California, and Jodi now lives in Minnesota with her Pug dog, Mugsy.

Jodi played softball as a kid and went to Little League games in her community. “Those were the days when you could walk or ride your bike anywhere without fear and a pick-up game was always available,” she says, adding, “My favorite memories are listening to Tiger games on my transistor radio, which I proudly still have.”

The first game she attended was at Shea Stadium with Tom Seaver pitching for the Mets. She also was at the seventh game of the 1987 World Series. “Nothing has been more exciting than that!” she maintains, although a thrill that came close was being at Shea Stadium on the Fourth of July last year to see the Mets complete a three-game sweep of the Yankees.

Jodi shares her February 6 birthday with chapter member Gregg Omoth as well as Babe Ruth, Smoky Burgess, Richie Zisk, Dale Long, Glenn Wright, Chad Allen, Richie Zisk, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Ronald Reagan, and Fabian.

Robert Strauss grew up on the south side of Chicago as a White Sox fan with loyalties extending to the Cubs. The biggest event of his youth was the 1959 World Series between the White Sox and Dodgers, which he “attended by radio.” He moved to Minnesota 30 years ago, eventually adopted the Twins, and attended in person the 1987 and 1991 World Series. Bob is a certified public accountant and an attorney practicing in tax, business, estate planning, mergers and acquisitions, business, and real estate financing. He speaks regularly to other attorneys, CPAs, real estate managers, and developers regarding business and tax issues. He is a past president of the Izaak Walton League and past master of his Masonic lodge and serves on numerous charitable boards. Bob has been married for 28 years and has two sons, Alex and David. He shares his April 30 birthday with Phil Garner and late chapter member Rich Wolf as well as others listed below.

Other new members: Jim Fraasch and Tom Hedberg

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Celebration of Ron Replogle’s Life
A celebration of life for Ron Replogle will be held from 7 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, April 9 at Connor’s Bakery & Deli, 5411 Penn Avenue South in Minneapolis.

Friends are still invited to share memories of Ron at the SweetOldRon.org web site.

Cow Chips
Roger Godin will be presenting a paper at a hockey conference at Bridgewater State College in Plymouth, Massachusetts. . . . Jerry Janzen went to Venezuela on business. . . . Brenda Himrich was elected to the board of directors of the Harriet Alexander Nature Center in Roseville, had laser eye surgery, and was a model in a fashion show at Elisabeth’s in Edina.

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Chapter Bylines
Two chapter members had articles published in the most recent SABR Baseball Research Journal: Phil Lowry on marathon games and Bob Kapla on no-hitter probabilities. (Bob has made a research presentation on no-hitters at a past Halsey Hall Chapter meeting, and Phil will be making a presentation on marathon games at the May 21 chapter meeting.)

Kyle Eliason has joined the staff of GameDay, an independent program and scorecard sold outside the Metrodome before Minnesota Twins games. He will regularly contribute feature articles and also write series previews of Twins opponents. Several other members—Jim Thielman, Bob Tholkes, and Steve Hoffbeck—have contributed articles that will be printed in forthcoming issues of GameDay.

Tom Swift has two bylines in the April issue of Mpls.-St. Paul magazine, one for a sidebar on Johan Santana and the other for a Twins season preview.

John Bonnes has relaunched his twinsgeek web log, which was part of the Star Tribune web site last year. It is now called twinsterritory.com, and John welcomes submissions.

April Birthdays
    2—Mansco Perry (also Al Barlick, Hughie Jennings, Billy Pierce, Luke Appling, Don Sutton, Reggie Smith, Bobby Avila, Dick Radatz, Pete Incaviglia, Mike Kekich, Denny Hocking, Jon Lieber, and Jack Webb)
    7—Leon Workin (also John McGraw, Bobby Doerr, Jack Daubert, Bobby Del Greco, John Ganzel, Ben Petrick, Bill Stoneman, Brett Tomko, Ricky Bones, Tony Dorsett, and Danny Almonte)
  15—Eugene Gomes (also Milton Bradley, Ted Sizemore, Jeromy Burnitz, Willie Davis, Ed Bailey, Ed Abbaticchio, King Cole, and Leonardo Da Vinci)
  20—Barry Bengtsson (also Eric Tipton, Don Mattingly, Dave “Beauty” Bancroft, Todd Hollandsworth, Harry Agganis, Preston Gomez, Barney Gumbel of The Simpsons, and Adolf Hitler)
  22—John Gregory (also Mickey Vernon, Neal Ball, John Henry Lloyd, Ted Page, Terry Francona, Jimmy Key, Moose Haas, David Clyde, Vladimir Lenin, Peter Frampton, and Robert Oppenheimer)
  25—Bucky the Otter (also Jacque Jones, Pop Lloyd, Roy “Tarzan” Parmalee, Bob “Tarzan” Estalella, Conrado Marrero, and Russ Ford)
  26—Jed Levitt (also Amos Otis, Sal Maglie, Granny Hamner, Mike Scott, Virgil Trucks, Jack Barry, and Hack Wilson)
  27—Jim Sexton (also Enos “Country” Slaughter, Rogers Hornsby, Joey Gathright, Willie Upshaw, Hy Myers, Charles Chech, and Ulysses Grant)
  28—Robert Milstroh (also Barry Larkin, Tom Browning, John Cerutti, Pedro Ramos, Charlie Metro, Jay Leno, and Saddam Hussein)
  30—Bob Strauss (also Phil Garner, Willie Nelson, Isiah Thomas, Queen Beatrix, Jeff Reboulet, and Alice B. Toklas)

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    April 16—Book Club Meeting, Barnes & Noble, Edina, 9:30 a.m., Rogers Hornsby by Charles C. Alexander, Tom Swift: 507-645-2280, tomswift@nickelcurves.com, http://halseyhall.org/bookclub.html

    May 14—Hot Stove Saturday Morning, Bakers Square, 66th and Xerxes, Richfield, 9:00 a.m., Mark Johnson: 612-822-9638, mjohn@mr.net

    May 21—Spring Chapter Meeting, United Methodist Church, Columbia Heights, Registration begins at 8:30 a.m., Howard Luloff: 952-922-5036, hfan77@webtv.net

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