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The Holy Cow

August 2004

Information Requested about Long Games

††††††† Long time SABR member and current Minnesota resident Phil Lowry requests information about baseball games in Minnesota which either went 20 or more innings, or six or more more hours including rain delays, or ended after 1 p.m. Lowry, naturally, is working on a book on baseball marathon games. He would like further information on the games listed below or about games that should be added in any of the following categories.


Ended at 1 A.M or Later:


1:05 - Brewers 4, Twins 3 at Metropolitan Stadium, Bloomington on 5-12-72 and 5-13-72 in 5:47 and 22 innings. Suspended after 5:35 and 21 innings before 8,628. Resumed on 5-13-72 before 7,871.


1:06 - Nicollet Park, Minneapolis - 9-1-55;Millers 6 Denver Bears in 2:37 then Denver 6 Millers 6 in 3:20 in 11 innings (ruled a tie)...5,077 fans.


1:15 - Aís 6 Twins 5 in 3:14 in 11 innings on 8-10-79 and then Twins 3, Aís 2 in 3:56 in 12 innings before 13,742.Met Stadium.


1:22 -Twins 5, Indians 4 in 6:17 and 22 innings on 8-31-93 at Metrodome. 17,968 in attendance; 1,500 at end of game.


1:44 - Senators 9 Twins 7 in 5:40 and 20 innings on 8-9-67 at Metropolitan Stadium. Attendance of 16,901.


2:35 - Tiger Park in Belle Plaine on 9-5-52; Delano Athletics 11, New Ulm Kaiserhoff 9 in 3:02. Previous games in tournament delay start by 4:33


2:45 - Barney Tadsen Field, Browton on 9-10-71; Delano Athletics 6, Lake Henry 4 in 2:35; Previous games delay start by 3:40.


20 or More Innings:


20 - Millers 3; Louisville 2 in 3:31 on 6-9-14 before 1,500 at Nicollet Park.


20 - Senators 9; Twins 7 at Metropolitan Stadium on 8-9-67 (see game finishing at 1:44 listed previously)


20 - Hector Flyers 4, Stark 2 in 5:30 and finishing at 11:50 on 9-10-71 at Barney Tadsen Field in Brownton.


20 - Cyrus 2; Fairfax Indians 1 in 4:35 at Arlington, Minnesota on 8-26-76; finishing at 10:05.


20 - Rochester Mayo High School Spartans 3; Mankato East High School Cougars 2 on 5-10-86 and 5-20-86

Game finished at 10:05


20 - Rochester Mayo High School Spartans 3; Mankato East High School Cougars 2 on 5-10-86 and 5-20-86. Suspended after 9 1/2 innings on 5-10-86 before 125 fans at 7:00 p.m. due to rain at Mayo Field in Rochester.


21 - Huron Phillies 8; St. Cloud Rox 2 in 5:39 on 7-25-66 and 8-28-66 at Rox Park in St. Cloud. Suspended after 4:20 and 16 innings at 11:50 on 7-25-66. At first decided to play entire game over but changed to play from point of suspension; 951 fans on 7-25; 343 fans on 8-28.


22- Brewers 4; Twins 3 on 5-12-72 and 5-13-72 in 5:47. Suspended after 5:35 and 21 innings on 5-12 before 8628 fans at 1:05 p.m. 7871 fans showed up the next evening for the conclusion and theregularly scheduled game at Metropolitan Stadium.


22-Twins 5; Indians 4 in 6:17 on 8-31-93 before 17,968. Finished at 1:22 on moring of Sept. 1 before 1,500 at Metrodome.


Six Hours:


6:17:see above listed game with Twins and Indians on 8-31-93.


Please contact Phil Lowry at 4323 Woodhill Road, Minnetonka, Mn. 55345 (plowry1176@aol.com) or 952-938-7678 if you have additional comments or additions to the list.


Ah, the dog days of August. Hope your team is in first place and you can enjoy some time at your favorite hideaway.


Book Club and Breakfast News

††††††† Ten members met at the Borderís coffee shop at the Edina Galleria on July 31 and discussed Jane Leavyís recent biography of Sandy Koufax. Some first time attendees were present, which is always encouraging to see, and a lively discussion raged for an hour or so.

††††††† The club, for its next book, has decided to read The Numbers Game by Alan Schwarz. The club will meet on Saturday morning, October 9th at 9:30 a.m. at the Borderís book shop at the Edina Galleria. All members are welcome and suggestions about the book club should be addressed to Tom Swift, the moderator,at 507-645-2280 or tomswift@nickelcurves.com. News of the club can also be found at the chapterís web-site.



Breakfast News:At its last breakfast on August 7th, those assembled decided it might be a good idea to meet monthly on the first Saturday of the month. Place will be the usual Bakerís Square at 66th and Xerxes Avenue in Richfield and the breakfast will start between 9 and 9:30 a.m,usually, with the breakfast pushed back a week if a holiday interupts. Members can stop by monthly, if they like, and though most usual breakfast attendees will miss a breakfast from time to time there most likely will be enough people present on a monthly basis to have some lively discussions.




to Cary Smith for winning the individual trivia contest at the SABR national convention in Cincinnati this past July and to Dan Levitt and Mark Armour for receiving the Sporting News-SABR Research Award for their book, Paths to Glory, published last year.


Chapter Meeting on October 23

††††††† The chapterís annual fall meeting has been tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 23rd at the Community United Methodist Church in Columbia Heights. Rental of the church space has doubled but a suitable alternative has not been found as of this date. So members will be asked to pitch in to cover the rental (about $ 5.00 each) in addition to food costs.

††††††† Howard Luloff is arranging research presentations (five half-hour slots) and also taking R.V.S.Písfor the meeting in general so we have a more accurate count and can arrange for enough food. Howard can be contacted at 952-922-5036 or hfan77@webtv.net.More details will be mentioned in the September and October newsletters.



The Holy Cow

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ďGreat Trade! Whoíd we get?Ē


Lenny Dykstra commenting on the Mientkiewicz deal (actually his comment when Phillies traded Von Hayes for Ruben Amaro and Kyle Abbott in 1991)