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The Holy Cow

January 2004

TWINS FEST: January† 23-25

††††††† The Halsey Hall Chapter will again have a table at Twins Fest at the Metrodome on January 23-25, 2004. In the past the best arrangement has been for two or three people to share a three or four hour time slot. One person would be at the table at all times to answer questions about SABR and the activities of the Halsey Hall Chapter and pass out brochures, while the other person (s) are free to roam the floor looking for the best bargains on autographs, cards, books, and other baseball memorabilia. Hours for Twins Fest are 5:30 to 9:30 on Friday, Jan. 23; 9 to 6 on Saturday, Jan. 24; and 9 to 4 on Sunday, Jan. 25th. Depending on the response, one shift on Friday night, three on Saturday (9 to 12, 12 to 3, 3 to 6) and two on Sunday (9 to 12:30, 12:30 to 4). Contact Rich Arpi at rwaces@cs.com or 651-739-6986 if you would like to staff the chapter table this year. A number of free passes should be available and I will distribute them as fairly as possible.



†††† The annual chapter Hot Stove meeting will be held at Kevin Hennessyís home at 608 Grand Avenue in St. Paul (just east of Dale on Grand) on Saturday evening, January 31st at 7 p.m. Parking is often rather limited right around Kevinís house, but there usually is ample parking within a few blocks.

The usual munchies and desserts are expected, with Kevin reimbursed from the chapterís bank account. See you all there.


Chapter Breakfast

†††† will be held at the usual spot of the Bakerís Square at 66th and Xerxes in Richfield on Saturday, January 10th at 9:30 a.m.


Up Next - The Long Season

††††††† No, I am not talking about the Twins prospects for the upcoming 2004 season, but about the next selection of the Chapter Book Club, The Long Season by Jim Brosnan. This book has been long regarded as a baseball classic and is Brosnanís diary of the 1959 St. Louis Cardinals. It is his account of that season as he saw it as† a relief pitcher for the Cardinals (seventh place at 71-83). I read the book years ago (it was first released in 1960 and has been republished several times since) and my most vivid recollections are of the crusty old Cardinals manager that year, Solly Hemus. I am looking forword to re-reading this book, to see if Solly Hemus has gotten any crustier. Another book of Brosnanís that I am going to read as well is his book on the National League Champion Cincinnati Reds of 1961 called Pennant Race. Obviously the seasons were different and Brosnan was on a different team, but it will be interesting to see the similarities in the books. The club will meet on Sunday, February 8th at Bob Tholkesí house at 6 p.m. to discuss these books and other baseball issues, as we have been known† to do.




†††† The Chapterís Board of Directors has tentively set the Spring meeting for Saturday, May 1st at the usual location of the Community United Methodist Church in Columbia Heights. If you have a research presentation in mind, let Jim Wyman (763-427-6517 or jnwyman10@aol.com) know. Though we have one guest speaker in mind, if you have thoughts about guest speakers let Jim or one of the Board members know as well. As in the past, we will arrange for tickets to the Twins game that night (Angels, if I remember right) Trivia contests...long part of most chapter meetings.... anybody have any other suggestions?


Happy New Year and Best Wishes for a prosperous 2004.


G.A.F.L.† equals Great American Fantasy League

††††††† From time to time newsletter space has been devoted to baseball related activities of chapter members. Continuing this tradition, I will lead off 2004 talking about the baseball fantasy league I joined late last year. All members are encouraged to write or e-mail the newsletter editor (rwaces@cs.com) if they have a baseball related activity they would like to share with other Halsey Hall Chapter members.

††††††† The Great American Fantasy League started its inaugural season last November and consists of 14 SABR members from throughout the country that each manage the all-time best roster of their respective American League team. I have the privilege of managing the all-time Senators/Twins team and having Walter Johnson pitch every fourth game. Other managers are Craig Sneider of Cincinnati (Baltimore/St. Louis Browns); Ty Waterman of Attleboro, Mass. (Red Sox); Jim Stoffel of Franklin, Mass. (Cleveland); Michael Betzold of Ann Arbor (Tigers); Rick Schabowski of Saint Francis, Wisconsin (Brewers); Steve Krevisky of Middletown, Conn. (Yankees); Steve Roney of Ladera Ranch, Ca. (Angels); R.J. Lesch of Des Moines (White Sox); Mark Kanter of Portsmouth, Rhode Island (Royals); Jeff Tilles of Hercules, Ca. (Aís); Rick Jones of Seattle (Mariners); Nick Kates of Dundas, Ontario (Blue Jays); and Jeff Georges of McKinney, Texas (Rangers). The game is creation of Ty Waterman and is a modification of APPA and Strato-Matic and other baseball fantasy games.† One game is scheduled per week (played by the home team manager, though head to head games via the phone or internet are allowed).

††††††† The season began with the Aís visiting the Twins and Lefty Grove bested Walter Johnson 2-1 with all the runs being unearned. The Twins salvaged the next game with seven runs in the bottom of the eighth inning to win 7-4.† After losing the rubber game to Rube Waddell 10-1, the Twins went to Seattle where they swept the Mariners by scores of 15-4, 9-1, and 2-1; with Walter Johnson and Jim Kaat starring in the final two games. So if the real Twins bite, ask me about the GAFL Twins.

††††††† To learn how to add ''Continued on page xx'' to a column, see ''Adding 'Continued' Notices to Stories'' in the User's Guide.



The Holy Cow

Halsey Hall Chapter - SABR

Rich Arpi, editor

2445 Londin Lane East, # 410

Maplewood, Minnesota 55119-5593


ďJust kind death, umpire of menís miseriesĒ


Will Shakespeare, base ball fan, in his play

Henry VI.

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