The Holy Cow

October 2003

Late games - research request

        I am updating my article published in the Baseball Research Journal in 1985, (editor’s note...actually Phil’s article is in the 13th annual BRJ that has a 1984 date on it, Hoss Radbourn on the cover)  listing all 91 games which ended after 1 a.m. Could you please let me know via e-mail at if you know of any Twins or minor league games since 1985 which have ended after 1 a.m, whether because of extra innings or rain delays or other types of delays? Latest documented Twins game is 1:44 a.m. —8-9-67 in 20 innings vs. Senators at Met Stadium. Latest documented Twins away game is 1:36 a.m. ..8-25-76 in 19 innings at Yankee Stadium. Latest docuemted Senators game is 1:07 a.m. (6-20-52 in 18 innings vs. Browns at Sportsman’s Park. Lastest documented Senators home game is 1:02 a.m...6-15-45 in doubleheader vs. Red Sox, with the first game going 14 innings and the second game going 13 innings, at Griffith Stadium. This wass the very first major league game that ended after 1 a.m. Thank you very much for your help. ....Phil Lowry.


Chapter Book Club

        meeting scheduled to meet on Saturday, October 4th, was postponed indefintely due to the early gametime (noon) of the Twins-Yankees playoff game. It has been proposed to meet at the normal spot of the Edina Barnes and Noble coffee shop (downstairs) in the

Edina Galleria at 10:00 a.m. on October 11th. However, there is a remote possiblity that we may have the same conflict with an early playoff game. Members should check the chapter e-list for meeting notices or contact moderator Tom Swift at or (507-645-2280). If you haven’t read the featured book, Moneyball by Michael Lewis, you have a few days to finish it before the next meeting.


Vintage Base Ball

      Both the Quicksteps and the St. Croix nine finished successful seasons recently. My standards maybe low, in that to me a successful season is not having anybody getting seriously hurt, getting a few good rips at the ball, making a few good catches, scoring a few runs and in general just having a rip-snorting good time. The fellowship among vintage players in Minnesota is growing stronger every year and additonal communities enjoy vintage ball for the first time. This year both the Quicksteps and St.Croix had several new players and odds are good that the Quicksteps, at least, will add a few new players for next year. A 2004  planning meeting will be held after the chapter meeting (late afternoon) on October 25th. Return your surveys to Bob.


Fall Chapter Meeting on October 25th.

        This year the annual Fall meeting of the Halsey Hall Chapter of SABR will be held on Saturday, October 25th at a familiar location of the United Community Methodist Church in Columbia Heights. For those of you who may not be familiar with the location, the church is located at 950 Gould Avenue, which is several miles south of the intersection of Central Avenue at Highway 694. The church is just east of Central Avenue by the Dairy Queen and the movie theatre. Parking at the church is somewhat limited but there is a parking ramp across the street and plenty of street parking on Gould Avenue within two blocks.

        The meeting will start at 9:00 a.m. with registration and coffee at 8:30 a.m.  As of this writing we have three presentations lined up. They include Halsey Hall board member Chuck Blomquist giving a slide presentation on his trip to Alaska last summer. He of course checked out the Alaska summer baseball league, which will comprise the majority of his remarks. The second presentation will be by St. Louis Park resident, Kyle McNary, who will talk about his biography of Double Duty Radcliffe and his research on the Negro Leagues and Negro League players. The third presentation will be by chapter member Kristin Anderson and former member Chris Kimball, who will give a slide presentation on their research on Minnesota ballparks. They recently had an article published in Minnesota History on his same topic. There is room for other presentations, so if you are interested contact Jim Wyman.

        Lunch will be the usual cold-cuts (make your own sandwhich) spread, veggies, chips, and soft drinks. Members will be asked to contribue $5.00 each to help defray costs to the chapter of  hosting the meeting. Members not wishing to partake of this lunch may avail themselves of several nearby fast-food establishments. After a short business meeting the meeting will continue with presentations and/or viewing of the ESPN tape of coverage of the SABR national meeting in Denver last summer.

        After the meeting members can stay and watch the World Series with other chapter members in the lounge of the church.


Next Chapter Breakfast

      will be held on Saturday, November 1st at 9:30 a.m. at the usual location of the Bakers Square at 66th and Xerxes in Richfield. These chapter get-togethers have been held every other month for a few years and are a popular activity for some members. All members are welcome and if the Yankees win the World Series this year, Stew Thornley will pay for everyone’s breakfast (just kidding, Stew)...Just a check to see if anyone actually reads this notice....


Halsey Hall Officers

President:  Jim Wyman

Vice-President: Bob Tholkes

Secretary-Treasurer: Rich Arpi

Web-master: Dean Thilgen

Other members of the Board:

Chuck Blomquist, Tom Swift,

        and Rex Hamman.


Mudville Magazine: Check out chapter member Peter Schilling’s on-line baseball magazine at



Last Notice for 03/04.

        Thank you to those of you that have sent in your renewal since the last issue. However, we still have around twenty (20) members on our current mailing list that have not renewed as of this date. This will be your last issue if you do not renew.

        If you see a red dot below, you are one of the twenty members who have not renewed. This year there is an option to receive an electronic copy for a reduced price of $ 6.00 (as opposed to $ 12.00 for the paper copy). Please send your payment, made out to the Halsey Hall Chapter, to Rich Arpi at the address listed below. If you want an electronic copy, remember to list the e-mail address where you want the newsletter notice sent.



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