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The Holy Cow

October 2004

Golden Gophers Panel Headlines Chapter Meeting

        The annual Fall chapter meeting of the Halsey Hall Chapter of SABR will be held on Saturday October 23rd at the Community United Methodist Church in Columbia Heights. The church is just east of Central Avenue at 950 Gould Avenue. While the church parking lot is rather small, there is a parking lot across the street and plenty of street parking within walking distance.

        In addition to the usual research presentations, this meeting will feature a panel of players (and a coach) from the “glory days” of baseball at the University of Minnesota. They will be representing the three Gopher teams to win; the 1956, the 1960 and 1964 teams. On the panel will be Ron Causton, a 1959 All-American and a member of the 1960 team; Richard “Woody” Erickson, a sophmore catcher on the 1956 team; Bill Davis a member of the 1964 team and a major leaguer; Don Evans who played for the Gophers in the early 1960s; Greg Wasick a member of the 1968-1969 Big Ten Championship teams ; and long time chapter member Glenn Gostick a member of the 1949-1951 teams and assistant coach for  the Gophers for a number of years. Possibly Bill Kendall also a member of the 1968-1969 teams will also attend. Many thanks to Fritz Reeker, Glenn Gostick and Stew Thornley for arranging this panel. Members should be able to fill in gaps in their Gopher baseball knowledge as possibly hear some Dick Siebert stories never told before.

        As of this date, only two of the five research presentation slots have been filled, so if you have a presentation in mind  contact Howard Luloff at hfan77@webtv.net or 952-922-5036 as soon as possible. Also if you plan on attending the meeting and have not sent in your R.S.V.P to Howard, do that as soon as possible so we can judge accurately the amount of food and drink to provide.

        Cost of renting the meeting rooms from the church have gone up recently so we will be collecting $ 10.00 each from members at the door (less if you eat elsewhere) so we can cover costs of food and the rental.

        The business meeting will feature several by-laws amendments; one dealing with forming a nominating committee and the second with changing authorization for paying bills by the treasurer (currently anything over $ 100 needs approval by the membership)

        Stew and Brenda have again graciously offered their home as a place to view the World Series game that night for those members so inclined.


Hope you will become active in the chapter

        This newsletter is being sent to all SABR members in our geographic area, as well as those on our current mailing list, to inform you of our Fall meeting. While we realize it is often not possible for those of you who live in greater Minesota to travel to the Twin Cities for chapter events, we hope to spread the word about our Spring and Fall meetings in hopes that some day you might attend.

        This chapter is among the oldest and most active chapters in SABR, which is a real credit to our charter and core members, but quite frankly we are tired of seeing the same old faces (just kidding,  : < ) . For eleven years several chapter members have played vintage baseball (rules of 1860) as the Quickstep Baseball club; a book club has met every other month for about three years now; and chapter breakfasts have been held for six years. We also hold a hot stove meeting in the winter and for ten years ran a cable television show, which is now inactive. Also the chapter website (halseyhall.org) and e-list are excellent ways to talk baseball and exchange research ideas.

        This newsletter is also a great way to keep up on chapter events and keep tabs on what others in the chapter are doing. It is available for subscription at $ 12.00 per year (monthly issues), payable to the Halsey Hall Chapter at the address on the back for those of you who like receiving snail mail. For those of you with e-mail, there is even a better deal; this newsletter is available at our chapter web-site (halseyhall.org) at no charge. Hope to see some new faces in the near future........Rich Arpi.

October 23rd reminder.....

this will not help since the Community United Methodist Church doesn’t look this at all.

Book Club and Chapter authors

        The book club of the Halsey Hall Chapter of SABR will meet this Saturday at the Barnes and Noble bookstore at the Edina Galleria at 9:30.  We usually congregate at the coffee shop which is in the basement. The featured book this book is The Numbers Game by Alan Schwarz, which was published this spring.     Which reminds me, I better try to find a copy soon. All members are welcome, even if you haven’t read the book, though it has been known to help in the past.

        Chapter members Roger Godin, Stew Thornley and Kyle McNary have recently had books published. Roger’s book is entitled Before the Stars: Early Major League Hockey and the St. Paul Athletic Club Team, and Stew’s book is entitled Six Feet Under A Graveyard Guide to Minnesota, which is a result of his second major pastime for the last several years. Both books are published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press and are available at the bookstore at the History Center as well as other bookstores in town and possibly from both authors.

        Kyle McNary’s book, which actually came out late last year, is entitled Black Baseball: A History of African-Americans and the National Game. It is a handsome coffee table book packed full of interesting photographs and historical text.

        Stew and Marc Hugunin are beginning work on a history of basketball in Minnesota (to be published by MHS Press) and Stew continues work on his history of baseball in Minnesota (due out in early 2006). Marc Hugunin also is running for county commissioner in Washington County, so all of you living in Washington County get out to the polls in November and support a fellow SABR member.


Breakfast on November 6th

        The next breakfast meeting of the Halsey Hall Chapter, which organizer Mark Johnson says will be the 39th in slightly over six years, will be held on Saturday, November 6th at 9:30 a.m. It will be held at the usual place of the Baker’s Square at 66th and Xerxes in Richfield. Several tables will be reserved in the rear of the restaurant as usual. Mark proposes asking a guest to attend these breakfasts (someone connected with baseball past or present...player, coach, scout, etc. ). Anyone with suggestions contact Mark at mjohn@mr.net or 612-822-9638. Of course, friends, relatives, or neighbors who might make potential SABR members are always welcome. See you there at the Square.



The Holy Cow

Halsey Hall Chapter of SABR

Rich Arpi, editor

2445 Londin Lane, Unit 410

Maplewood, Minnesota 55119-5593

Any bets that they will call that

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