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The Holy Cow

March 2004

Chapter Changes Contemplated

        While no specific proposal has emerged yet, several members of the chapter board of directors and long time members have been discussing, primarily on the chapter e-list, the ways the chapter raises and spends money. Discussion has centered on the possibility of greatly reducing, or completely eliminating subscription fees for this newsletter; moving our chapter web-site and newsletters to the national SABR collection management system (cms) thus eliminating or greatly reducing chapter cost in that area; and maintaining mailing lists via the national MySABR system.

        A paper newsletter would still be available to those without internet access or those who still wish to receive a paper copy. The question is how would the chapter continue to fund publication and what would be an equitable fee structure. Current national policy allows reimbursement to local chapters of 50 cents per mailing (three times per year) that announce chapter meetings. In the past our chapter has used this reimbursement only occasionally with rather poor results (as far as attracting someone who otherwise might not have known about the meeting via newsletters, web-site, word of mouth). But still it is an avenue the chapter should explore if it wants to reduce or eliminate the newsletter subscription fee. A monthly newsletter isn’t written in stone either; possibly six to eight issues a year would be feasible. Notice of a new electronic version of the newsletter would be sent to all SABR members in our area via the MySABR system; thus reaching more SABR members than our current mailing list. Time and effort of maintaining a lengthy mailing list and handling subsription fees would be greatly reduced.

        While our web-master, Dean Thilgen, is still compiling all the revelent facts, moving our chapter web-site to the national site could save the chapter $ 160 per year or more. Questions about local/national control, size of the site and support of separate data bases and links need to resolved before any proposal can be considered.

        The chapter’s board of directors will be discussing these issues at its upcoming meeting on April 4th (at Rich Arpi’s condo..call 651-739-6986 for directions) and if a proposal emerges it will be presented to the membership on May 1st for dicussion and possible adoption. Also check the e-list for more discussion on these topics in the coming weeks.

        Regardless of what is decided, members not familiar with MySABR should visit the SABR web-site (www.sabr.org); click log in and then the forgot your password icon. You will be sent your password and you will be able to register with MySABR.





A-Rod looking for his first World Series? Or is it Corey Koskie looking for a injury free season?


Spring Meeting - May 1st.

        The annual chapter Spring meeting will be held on Saturday May 1st at the United Community Methodist Church at 980 Gould Avenue in Columbia Heights. The meeting starts with registration and coffee and donuts at 8:30 and research presentations starting at 9:00 a.m. Contact Howard Luloff at 952-922-5036 or hfan77@webtv.net if you would like to give a presentation. Anaheim will be the Twins opponent that night and if you would like to attend with other Halsey Hall members, contact Howard as well. Tickets are $ 15.00 per person.

        Featured guest will be former Twin shortstop Roy Smalley and possibly Dick Radatz, Jr. (currently involved with the Northwoods League) who should have some excellent stories of his dad’s baseball career. There will be a small charge for lunch (the usual fix your own sandwich, chips, pop, etc. ) or you can avail yourself with several fast food establishments in the nearby vicinity.


Chapter Book Club

      The next meeting of the book club will be on April 4th at 6:00 p.m. at Rich Arpi’s condo. We will discuss Stew Thornley’s manuscript on Minnesota baseball history that will be published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press. An electronic copy is available on the chapter e-list but if you do not have internet access and would like to read Stew’s book  (in progress but he would welcome comments) contact Stew at 651-415-0791 stew@stewthornley.net. Stew hopes this will be the definitive book on baseball history in our state and any suggestions made now will allow Stew a chance to make revisions.


Gophers Nine edge Nebraska Cornhuskers 3-1

        The University of Minnesota Gold Gopher baseball team bested the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the Dairy Queen Baseball Classic at the Metrodome on Saturday night March 6th. In what is becoming a chapter tradition, a few hearty chapter members took in the game. For some of us this was the first game of the season after a long off-season and a great way to start the season.

        Things didn’t start too promising for the Gophers as the first two Nebraska batters singled and the clean-up batter, third baseman Alex Gordon doubled in a run with a drive to right center field. But that was all the run scoring the Cornhuskers would do that night. With one out in the first inning they had three hits and one run already in, but they could only manage three hits the rest of the game. Sophomore lefthander Glen Perkins, of Stillwater, started the game for the Gophers and pitched six strong innings with only four hits allowed, one run charged against him, along with one walk and four strikeouts.

        Quinton Robertson, the Nebraska starter, breezed through five innings and skattered five hits but ended up the tough-luck loser as Mike Mee, the Gophers dh led off the sixth with a double and scored on Jake Elder’s single up the middle, which tied the score at 1 to 1. After a change of pitchers, Andy Hunter singled Elder to second and both runners moved up a base on David Hrncirik’s sacrifice bunt (5-3). Matt Fornasiere’s hot grounder to first brought in Elder with the Gopher’s second run and a 2-1 lead. The Gophers added a third run in the eighth inning to make the final score 3 to 1. Cole DeVries pitched the last three innings for the Gophers, giving up two singles and a walk and recorded the save.


Chapter Breakfast

        The bi-monthly Saturday breakfast of the Halsey Hall Chapter was held at its usual location of the Baker’s Square at 66th and Xerxes on Saturday March 6th. Ten members were in attendance (but there is always room for more) and lively baseball discussions were held.

        Since the next breakfast would normally fall on Saturday May lst (the date of our annual spring meeting) it has been suggested that the next breakfast should be held on Saturday, June 5th with possible tours of Lakewood or Fort Snelling cemeteries afterword. This would mean the book club would meet the next week, on June 12th, or possibly in July. Post a message on the e-list if you have an opinion on the next meeting of these two groups. All this should be decided by the April newsletter so stay tuned.


The Holy Cow

Halsey Hall Chapter of SABR

Rich Arpi, editor

2445 Londin Lane, # 410

Maplewood, Minnesota 55119


First we’ll use Spahn, then we’ll use Sain,

Then an off day, followed by rain.

Back will come Spahn, followed by Sain

And followed, we hope, by two days of rain.


                             Gerry Hern, 1948

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