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The Newsletter of the Halsey Hall Chapter
Society for American Baseball Research (SABR)

October 2014

Stew Thornley

Derek Wetmore and Brandon Warne to Speak at Fall Chapter Meeting October 25

Baseball writers and analysts Derek Wetmore and Brandon Warne will be the featured speakers at the Halsey Hall Chapter fall meeting Saturday, October 25 at the Faith Mennonite Church, 2720 E. 22nd Street in south Minneapolis. Registration is at 8:30 with research presentations beginning at 9:00. The featured guests will be on at 1:00. A business meeting will be held during lunch. The cost for the meeting and lunch is $10. The meeting only is $5. Those wanting lunch must RSVP to Scott Cummings, 952-334-0075.

Members are invited to submit a proposal to make a research presentation at the meeting. Proposals must be sent to Research Committee co-chairs Brenda Himrich or Sarah Johnson and include a title and brief outline of what the presentation will consist of with emphasis on the research that will be included. Standard presentations are 20 minutes (with an additional eight minutes for questions) although the duration may be longer or shorter depending on the needs of the presenter and of the schedule. The Research Committee (which also consists of Dan Levitt, Stew Thornley, Rich Arpi, and Bob Tholkes) will finalize the schedule of research presentations two weeks before the meeting, so proposals must be submitted by then.

So far, three presentations have been scheduled:

  • Mike Haupert will present on William Hulbert and the birth of the business of professional baseball. This was the presentation that earned Mike the award for the best research presentation at the SABR convention in Houston.
  • Sarah Johnson will present on the early history of baseball in Chisholm, Minnesota.
  • Bob Tholkes will present on the origin and growth of the origin and growth of the New York baseball rules.

During the business meeting, a proposed revision to Article II, Section 2 of the by-laws will be presented to the membership for approval. The section now reads:

Section 2-Publication Editors/Webmaster
The editor(s) of chapter publications and the webmaster shall be appointed by the board of directors to a term of one year. The term shall start January 1. The term is renewable.

The proposed change:
Section 2-Publication Editors/Webmaster/Social Media Director
The editor(s) of chapter publications, the webmaster (and assistant webmasters, if appropriate), and director of social media shall be appointed by the board of directors to a term of one year. The term shall start January 1. The term is renewable.

Other upcoming activities:
The Halsey Hall Chapter Book Club will meet Saturday, October 4 at 9:30 a.m. at Barnes & Noble in Har Mar Mall in Roseville to discuss The Lords of Baseball: A Wry Look at a Side of the Game the Fan Seldom Sees—The Front Office by Harold Parrott. In addition, the group will discuss the telecast of the 1971 All-Star Game. The complete game is available for purchase from iTunes or for viewing on YouTube: 1971 MLB Allstar Game.

The next Fred Souba Hot Stove Saturday Morning, an informal breakfast gathering for the purpose of talking baseball, will be at 9:00 on November 1 at Bakers Square in Richfield (66th Street to the east of York Avenue). Organizer Mark Johnson reports that this will be the 100th breakfast get-together for the chapter.

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New Member

Born and raised in Minnesota, Erik Hoff works in retail management, is married, and lives in Eagan.

Erik became a Twins and baseball fan in 1987. “My neighbor got me into baseball cards as well, showing off his excellent collection of Ricky Henderson cards. He also gave me my first card (Mike Laga, Cardinals superstar catcher, 1987 Topps). After a stellar Little League career, my love of the game was only more deeply engrained by the less-than-excellent Twins teams of the mid-to-late 90s. Being a broke teenager, being able to go to a game for $4 was the greatest deal in town! I have remained an avid baseball fan through the years and enjoyed Twins baseball, even in the tough years.”

Erik has always enjoyed the game from a statistical standpoint and in the last few years has been taken by the work of various analysts, such as Bill James, Rob Neyer, and Jonah Keri.

Erik shares his September 6 birthday with fellow chapter member Thomas Grandy as well as Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, Pat Meares (a personal favorite of Erik’s), Derrek Lee, Greg Olson, Fran Healy, Vince DiMaggio, Urban “Red” Faber, Tommy Thevenow, Mitch Moreland, Hal Jeffcoat, Del Bissonette, Claire Chennault, Marquis de Lafayette, Billy Rose, Alphonso Lunt, Slappsie Maxie Rosenbloom, Jane Addams, and Jane Curtin.

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Chapter and Member News

Joe Niese, who has written a biography of Burleigh Grimes, is working on a book about Andy Pafko had is soliciting support through Kickstarter. Anyone wishing to support the project may go to Handy Andy: The Andy Pafko Story on Kickstarter through September 30.

Anthony Bush wrote on Wade Stadium (Duluth) for the SABR Baseball Biography Project.

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    October 4—Book Club and Vintage Game Video Club, Barnes & Noble, Har Mar Mall, Roseville, 9:30 a.m., The Lords of Baseball: A Wry Look at a Side of the Game the Fan Seldom Sees—The Front Office by Harold Parrott, and the 1971 All-Star Game. For more information, contact Art Mugalian, 612-721-2825, and Gary DeSmith, 320-286-5127.

    October 25—Fall Chapter Meeting, Faith Mennonite Church, 2720 E. 22nd Street, Minneapolis, 9:00 a.m. For more information, contact Scott Cummings, 952-334-0075.

    November 1—Fred Souba Hot Stove Saturday Morning, Bakers Square, 66th and York, Richfield, 9:00 a.m. For more information, contact Mark Johnson, 952-831-1153.

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Board of Directors 2014-2015
President—Doug Skipper
Vice President—Steve Ginader
Secretary—Gary DeSmith
Treasurer—Jerry Janzen
Scott Cummings
Gene Gomes
Leanne Rohrbach

The Holy Cow! Editor—Stew Thornley
Webmaster—John Gregory 
Ass. Webmaster—Stew Thornley
Social Media Director—Tom Flynn

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